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Details Matter with a Sydney Wedding Car Hire

Glamour, excitement, flair, and style – these are just a few of things that gliding up to the curb on your wedding day in a shimmering white limousine driven by a uniformed chauffeur will evoke. Your nuptials will be more exciting, more fulfilling, and generally more memorable if you indulge in the minor luxury (555and huge convenience) of a Sydney wedding car hire to bring you to the scene of the festivities. Turn to Chrysler Limousines Sydney ( for all your wedding car needs!

When it comes to making your wedding ceremony a success, arriving relaxed, comfortable, and on time are all very important to keeping the day enjoyable. This is why being whisked through the busy streets by one of our friendly, highly skilled chauffeurs will spare you the frazzled nerves of fighting traffic yourself on your way to this wonderful event, and let you arrive in good spirits and with your carefully arranged costumes unruffled.

When you hire a wedding car from us, whether it is a cosy sedan where the couple can focus on each other on their way to the marriage, or a stretch limousine that can bring a sizable portion of the wedding party along in style, you can be sure that we will also attend to all the small details that individually might seem unimportant, but which greatly increase the pleasure of the day.

Our service includes, for example, spray bottles of water to make certain that your bouquets and other floral arrangements arrive in a crisp, fresh state. Stepping out of the car with a limp, wilted bunch of flowers in your hand is nobody’s idea of romance, but with the spray bottles on hand, you can be sure that your blossoms will look as pert and lively as when you set out.

You can also toast the happy occasion with the champagne or soft drinks that we will provide at your option. Whether you just need a quick sip of soda to moisten a dry mouth or want to salute the day with a celebratory glass of champagne, we will have the proper beverages on hand.

You want everything to be as perfect and smooth as possible on your wedding day, and a Sydney wedding car hire from Chrysler Limousines Sydney will help assure that this is a fact, and not just a wish. Call us today or visit us at to begin setting up your ride and make your nuptials that much more enjoyable and memorable!

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